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How is Success Judged? by Pastor Melissa Scott

I seldom see a Christian in a state of defeat where I cannot trace
the root to a pressure that has dominated the Christian world for years:
success is judged by that which you can quantify in the outer court. How
is an evangelist judged?  By the number that he leads into repentance, the
number that he leads into dedication.

How is a pastor judged? By the number he leads into repentance, the number he leads into dedication: the ministry to human need. When people grow old they begin to feel they no longer have a place in the program of God. You trace it to the root.

They no longer have the strength to perform in the outer court, and it is
that pressure on them to get the work done from daylight to dark in the
outer court that is pressing in on them.

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The Third Ingredient by Pastor Melissa Scott

What is the third ingredient?

Ministry to the Lord is hidden.
Hear me closely. In this outer court where I minister to human need, I
am seen. There’s a guard at the gate, another guard over there, and the
line of believers. Everybody sees me perform out here. They see me get
the job done. Ministry to the Lord is hidden. Nobody sees what you do
in there. And that, by the way, if I can parenthetically put it in, might be
why the God who knows the heart puts priority here. Only a people with
the faith who truly believe that the invisible God is with us will go into
the inner court. You can get lost in the activity of working for the Lord,
but you have to really believe He is alive to do what one old saint did,
which is to just sit down, put a chair in front of him, believe God was
right there and talk to Him. This is hidden; nobody sees you do this.
God help us in our Puritan dominated work theology of the Kingdom if
somebody thinks I’m not working for God; if you are hidden away
ministering to Him you are viewed as a failure.

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Four Things from David and Mephibosheth by Pastor Melissa Scott

There are four things I want to talk about in this story: I want to
talk about the picture of God portrayed by David the king. I want to talk
about the nature of Mephibosheth and what he portrays about the sinner.
I want to talk about salvation and what is pictured here. Then I want to
talk about the response of Mephibosheth to what the king has done. And
I hope you will understand God and your salvation a little better.
David sent for and fetched Mephibosheth. David asked the
question, “Where is he?” Mephibosheth is the type of the sinner. God
really wrote a drama in detail here, but notice that the action and the
initiative started with David, the type of God. In theology we call this
“prevenient grace.” It means that the initiative in salvation always
starts with God.

You cannot just make up your mind sometime that you
are going to come to God. It is Jesus who said in John 6:44, “No man
can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him.” It is
never an accident when God lays a claim on a life. It is never an
accident when you encounter that pulling, that claiming, or that
grabbing, whatever its intensity.

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Your Are-Ness Doesn’t Matter by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott teaches from Faith Center in Glendale, CA

Pastor Melissa Scott teaches from Faith Center in Glendale, CA









Unfulfilled hopes and destinies? I would give you Philippians again: what Jesus starts, “He will perform it.” (Philippians 1:6)

What is my move, then? Right where I am at today, I have to lift up my eyes. That means get your eyes off of the muck, get them off of the ground, get them off of the stuff, get your eyes off of flesh, get your eyes off of Earth; and lift them up and claim God’s promise from where you are!

Whatever your “are-ness” may be: sin, failure, sickness, loneliness, worthlessness, defeat; whatever you face, “Lift your eyes from that place now,” not tomorrow; right this minute! And do what? Arise. Now, walk on it. Don’t expect an angel to carry you over the land. Get walking. Put some blisters on your feet.

“Lift up now thine eyes, from the place where thou art. Arise, and walk.” And what is going to happen? The God of Abraham is going to do what He said. Revival is here when I don’t have to ricochet off the walls to get a response, when the Word of God convinces by its power.

Do you know why this is going to happen? Because He doesn’t change.

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With The Heart Man Believeth by Pastor Melissa Scott

If, in desperation, you press through the crowd, knowing in some moment of truth that if you could just touch Him…. There is no mystique in that. You touch Him now with your word: With the heart man believeth; with the mouth confession is made. (Romans 10:10) In a moment of truth, you have claimed a promise, pressed through and touched God. Then the devil comes along, and you get scared. God is not the author of fear, so it has to come from somewhere else. Listen to Jesus today: “Be of good courage.” It is that pressing, tenacious, determined faith to touch Him that got it for you, so hang on to it.

Now turn to the Gospel story about the storm. Again, go with those disciples to the circumstance: they were in God’s will. “Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship, and to go before him unto the other side.” How can you have it any straighter than that? Now the message is to those saints in the will of God; you haven’t done anything except do what the Master told you to do. And all the winds of contrariness have blown in on you and the waves are overpowering you. It is so dark you cannot see and you have so lost your sense of balance that when the Lord Himself appears, you can’t even see straight enough to see Him: you think He is a ghost. Have any of you ever been in a storm to where you even begin to doubt your own revelations of God and your own ability to even see Him and your own understanding of Him?

I sure have.

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Her Faith Made Her Whole by Pastor Melissa Scott

Now let us consider the woman with the issue of blood; that little lady, seemingly insignificant. As the Pastor, I sometimes wonder about those hidden saints, beaten down with a sense of insignificance and unworthiness. Put yourself inside the discouraged and intimidated heart of that woman in this familiar story.

Nobody there would give her the time of day, as she was pushing through the jostling crowd. Insignificant and unimportant in her own eyes, yet she was possessed with the determination to do one thing: touch Him. If she could just press through the crowd and touch Him…and she made it!

Read all the Gospel records, and stay inside her heart and mind, and walk with that woman. Jesus cries out, “Who touched me?” Now she’s made it to Him, and she’s touched Him. Apparently, it is not all over yet; now comes fear. Some of us who stand up in front of people and deal with people a lot don’t know that intimidation that drives and grips so many lives; the fear of pushing to the front. This little lady must have panicked. She had touched Him and now, being noticed, she must have been scared to death. “Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good courage.” May I use Exodus again and turn it around? “Don’t you be even a little bit scared. Hang in there, daughter. Don’t you let fear now be mixed with your determination.” You have reached Him. “Don’t be even a little bit scared because it is your faith, which pushed through the crowd to Me, that has made you whole.”

I believe there are those who have pushed through. Sometimes in desperation I will almost stand up like Jehoshaphat, the Old Testament saint, and remind God of some things. I scare myself sometimes because I know that God doesn’t need to be reminded of His Word. As John Wright Follette has said, you don’t shake God’s promises at God like a stick you hold over Him. He wants to do what He says. But on ccasions, in desperation, I have literally assailed the walls of Heaven to get God’s attention as I have hung promises up in front of Him.

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Brought to the Jordan? by Pastor Melissa Scott

Now, have you ever felt at moments of truth in your spiritual journey that, if you would really hunger and thirst and seek, there is a place in God you could get to? The thought comes to you in a moment of truth in a service somewhere, or when you face a crisis and you are aware of your lack. Well, will you be a realist in God and understand that when you start to act on that dedication, God is going to test you? He is not going to jump off of His throne and clap His hands and turn handsprings because some rare person down here finally got hungry. Expect God to test you. I said I was preaching to the uncommon man, but that is a message to a church, as well as to an individual.

When we seek Him with all of our heart, we will find Him. Just because the first day after we have made our dedication it becomes difficult and God tests it, we won’t give up. And because it separates us from the crowd, we won’t give up. I can tell you something, eventually, if you want God’s best, it is going to lead you finally to a place where just the two of you settle something: where you and God, and you and God alone, settle it. So much of Christianity is dependent upon what the rest of the sons of the prophets do. But if you are really seeking God’s best, eventually it’s going to bring you to a point where you and God work it out; and that point is going to bring you to a Jordan River.

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Are you doing God’s Work for Him? by Pastor Melissa Scott

In Acts 13:2, speaking of the New Testament church: “As they ministered to the Lord….” Do you see it? “As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for….” What? “The work whereunto I have called them.”

God is not going to forget His work. What we have forgotten is that He is the Lord of the harvest. I’ve looked at this generation. I’ve heard some say, “Why do we not have miracles like we hear about in our first generation?” Though I think there are many miracles being done, I sometimes wonder if my generation has gotten past the outer court. We start out doing the job for God.

I did a study of the ministry as an assignment for a major denomination. We found out that very few nervous breakdowns in the ministry occur in the first generation of revival, because those men come to God in their inadequacy and their inadequacy drives them to God to drink at the Fount and then they go out to minister. The second generation gets caught up in the work. They swallow the dust and from sun up to sundown they do the work of the Lord and they never get into this place where their strength is renewed.

Start in the inner court, and then the Lord of the harvest will send you forth to do His work.

For a week I’ve said to myself as I prayed, “God, bring this church to a new place of ministry to Thee.”

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Hang Your Body on What God Has Said by Pastor Melissa Scott

“I Am.” This is an expression of God’s nature and I oft say to people that God is not like water that you pour into a bottle: get a little bit of God and a then little bit more and then a little bit more. God is a person and wherever God is He is absolutely there. You are going to have as much of God as you can get when He is there. He is a person as I am a person. Now wherever God is He is absolutely there. You don’t get a little of Him. The way some people talk about “receiving God,” I get the picture that He is climbing into them. Christ is formed in your heart by faith; and when I am filled with the Holy Spirit, it is not so much me getting more of God as it is the God that is already in me getting more  of me. And the tongue, that most unruly member, is the last one to yield, when there is a fuller dimension of His expression through me and a greater possession of me by the Spirit that is come. That is what is involved in the fullness of the Spirit, but God is complete in Himself; and when He comes, He is there.

That means wherever He is He is the same God who said, “I am the LORD that healeth thee.” In your darkness of sickness you can’t change the darkness, but you can trust in the name of the Lord and He will change the darkness; He is the light. You hang your body literally on what He has said, “I am the LORD that healeth you.”

You might say, “But I am still sick.” Sure you are. It is just as real as you think it is, but keep hanging on in faith. He said, “I am the LORD that healeth thee.” In the Bible, some were healed instantly; some were healed as they went, but God provided for His people in this promise.

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God Sends Wagons by Pastor Melissa Scott

Jacob had lost his son Joseph.

And when Jacob’s sons came home after being in Egypt where Joseph ruled, there is a little passage in Genesis where Jacob says that he just didn’t really believe that Joseph was alive until “he saw the wagons.” The wagons that had been sent by Joseph from Egypt convinced him. A very great preacher once preached a sermon on that verse, in which he thanked God for the little wagons God sends along to let us know He is alive. Not balls of fire and mighty wind and the kinds of things that we normally relate to spirituality, just wagons: but the wagons let him know the Son was on the throne. Somebody had to be there to send those wagons.

God is doing things here, and unlike the nine men Jesus healed who did not come back to thank Him, one came back to recognize His power. I can put that into a broader analogy than just healing. I hope as you watch God do things, you are not unaware He is steering and sorting and shaking and separating and putting together that which He needs to do for what He intends to do. The little things are sometimes unnoticed by Christians. There are people who have their ego and their feelings and their history and their identity with traditions and everything else so clouded around their head they cannot see God when He is working. Focus in on the message and you will see God’s hand.

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