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A Beginning Bible Study Taught by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott believes that around Easter time you’ll see lots of images of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns. This image is not just an image of a dying Savior. It is an image that depicts victory over Adam’s sin. That crown of thorns which was an idea from some genius in the mocking crowd, to put this crown on Him saying He  as “the King of the Jews.” But they didn’t realize they were actually demonstrating the victorious point of how Jesus on the Cross would win victory for all mankind.

The ground was cursed with thorns and thistles because of Adam’s disobedience. He would wear this crown of thorns, what was cursed, to signify His victory. But if it all ends with Jesus on the Cross, a dying or dead Jesus, we have trouble because it means that even if He came and He died, I’m still walking around with my sins; you’re still walking around with your sins. It took the Resurrection. It took that fact, that event, that moment, where the women in testimonies that vary a little according to the different Gospel records, but all saying the same thing: “He is risen!” It took that momentous event that would be the intersection of time and eternity once and for all to stop this disease that plagues mankind over and over again.

Now some of you came here tonight and you are ridden with problems, you’re down, you’re sick. Whatever your issues are, I’m telling you the solution lies in One, Jesus Christ. You don’t have to find the solution out on the street. You don’t have to go buy it. One way, one direction! That’s why He said, “I’m the Truth; I’m the Way; I’m the Light. Follow Me.” You cannot encounter Jesus save through your faith in Him. You can’t reach up and pull Him down or bend down and pick Him up. He’s right here in the midst, not just in this building, but when you leave this building, when you get in your car, when you go to work, He is with you. The child that was born in the manger “Emmanuel,” that Hebrew name, Em means “with,” Emmanuel, the “with-us God,” as a child who came to be known to the world as Jesus the Christ.

Now, I look at those events I’ve just spoken of and ask myself the question, “Why would we go and try to find some other solution?” The world is still trying to find a salve for you. The world is still trying to figure out how you can be better without Jesus. Now, I don’t know about you but I’m going to speak for me. The Cross is kind of an ominous thing. It’s not a pretty thing, but I’d rather have the Cross right now and get my crown later than try and figure out how to wear the crown now while I’m walking without the Cross, because once that crown is removed and I’m laid to rest there’s nothing beyond that. I know what lies beyond for those faithing on the promises in God’s Word, and I know the importance of what we are doing, feeding people the Word of God.

God’s light is going to find you where you are. His Spirit will begin to change you. I can’t change you. It’s the one thing that I thank God I have come to the realization about: I can’t make you love the Lord. Isn’t that a staggering fact? But God can, because we serve a God of impossibilities. What a glorious thing! So as I look around and I talk to people, I’ve become convinced of something. The moment our eyes are fixed in the right place, the moment we begin to read, we begin to study, we begin to explore God’s Word – I’ll say it again: “You need God’s Word; I need God’s Word!” – the Word of God produces something so amazing. You can’t buy it; you can’t sell it. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God! That should inspire you to just start leaning on God and His Word and  aying,  There’s something behind this God thing. God’s really got a good thing for me; I’d better listen. I’d better get into reading the scriptures!”

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