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God Deliver Us by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott shows us that we can fall into the trap where we think our deliverance will be a certain way; when God comes in on the scene, it may not be the way we thought God would deliver us. Our ways and God’s ways are not the same. He comes in to deliver, He comes in to catch, He comes in on the spot but it might be different than what we thought.

Back to the Hebrew text, garesh, this word is the translation of our English ‘to throw out.’ ‘To thrust out’ is used in Genesis when Adam and Eve were ushered out of the Garden.

“Underneath are the everlasting arms,” just to go right out of the King James, but when it says “Israel then shall dwell in safety alone” really it should read ‘tabernacle.’ Once God is done kicking out the enemy from before your face, the ‘tabernacle,’ the ‘tabernacling’ means the presence of God is going to be with you. This is a promise we can take and make it our own. Wherever you are, if you’re looking at the circumstance remember Faith looks beyond the circumstance. Faith looks beyond reason and steps over everything. When you’re at the point that your ‘habitation,’ where you ‘live,’ starts to be this tabernacle not made with hands because God’s Spirit is already living in you, you can then say “This is where I live. I live in Christ. He lives in me and underneath are His powerful everlasting arms. I’m safe.”

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