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Christianity by Pastor Melissa Scott

The factual basis and the facts must be there and must be investigated and, as has been said here and so aptly put, most people do not take the time to study and look at who the Jesus of history was. They don’t take the time for that. Now, you know I can believe a lot of things in my mind and I can, they can be real to me, but how do I articulate to you? How do I convince you when the gospel message says, Paul to Timothy, “Make full proof of you ministry,” how would Timothy convince people except, “I feel the Lord today, I just feel Him; that’s how I want you to believe”? No, tell me the gospel story.

Tell me, you eyewitnesses to Jesus. I want to know the facts. Tell me these things where if I even vacillate a little bit you will build up my faith so strong that no matter what emotions may come, I may be welt up inside with emotions because I love Jesus so much, but that’s not going to help save you and communicate the gospel. The only thing that’s going to do that is the gospel message.

Christianity is forever in danger of becoming an emotive Kleenex box instead of something that you latch onto and is as tangible as this chair I’m touching; reality because of the facts given, not because of the feelings. Let the feelings come afterwards because you know the thing that you put your trust in is absolutely real, based on fact.

Then you can have the confidence. And if you want to let a cry out, be happy, jump for joy, cry for Jesus, do it. And have a good time or have a miserable time; I don’t know. I don’t know what to tell you. You may be crying or happy, I don’t know, but that’s not the starting point. So when Paul is talking to these people, he is highlighting something so crucial.

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