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The book of Revelation by Pastor Melissa Scott

From this one can easily see that an improvement can made be in the masses when one gives room for repentance.” Listen to the emperor’s reply. It’s very brief. “My segundes,” my lesser, my second, my underling. “You have chosen the right way with regard to the case of most who have been accused before you as Christians. Nothing exists that can been considered a universal norm for such cases.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that christians should not be sought out, but if they are accused and handed over they are to be punished but only if they do not deny being Christians and demonstrated by the appropriate act,” i.e. worshiping of our gods, the worship of our gods. “Even if one is suspect because of past conduct he or she is to be acquitted in view of repentance. Anonymous accusations may not be considered in any trial, for that would be dangerous precedent and does not fit our times.”

Just in this little world, how many people died because they would not deny and they would not bend and they would not break because they knew? And of course most of you know, we’ve got a beautiful copy. Most of you have read the Foxes ‘Book of Martyrs’, if you haven’t I highly suggest that you do. Most of this church has so you know what I’m talking about. Listen to the undercurrent that was at the time of the writing of the book of Revelation.

It’s my desire that we don’t look at this book like some goofy mystery. It’s my desire that we look at it with a scholar’s eye, intelligently, that we recognize that there are a lot of things in here for us to take out and it is prophecy, unlike the rest of the Book this was written for the churches; the things which are and the things which were yet to come. When my husband taught on this he taught rightly, I agree with him.

The key to this book is Revelation 1:19, but, the key to the total understanding is not looking at it like the way some people look at the book of Genesis. It’s got be a mythological tapestry of things from some other realm. Now, when we get to the seven churches you will see it’s like reading a newspaper. It’s not anywhere near in the realm of just the churches that were or the churches through the ages, but the church today. Perfect case in point, it’s not even my message yet, help me. Perfect case in point: we have in our church, right here, lest people say the seven churches, the seven churches which are in Asia, and the seven churches which we’ll get to, historically, through time.

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