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Church of Martyrs by Pastor Melissa Scott

When you get to the other Churches, and we’ll look at for example just to give you an idea; each Church contributes something, for example, Smyrna we know is the Church of martyrs. The word ‘smyrna, in it is the word ‘myrrh.’ We’ll look at how that came to be and how the words change. It’s now modern day Ismir. But how it changed, how for example the story of Pergamos, a lot of people who read texts on these things, there’s a great story about how parchment came to be instead of papyri.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the process to make papyri, unbelievable! They’d gather the reeds, they’d wet the reeds, they’d lay them down and kind of just set them out straight, pound them, put them between rocks to flatten them out. Now they’d, once they’re dry and they’re flattened, they’d weave them, wet them again, flatten them out the whole process to make papyri, super long process just to get one sheet of paper, of papyri. And there’s a great story attached to how parchment or vellum came to be used that comes out of Pergamos.

The largest library outside of Alexandria was in Pergamos, 200,000 volumes, which is an immense library. And the king of Pergamos, King Humines, he wants to get the librarian from Alexandria to come and help him out. Ptolemies who controlled at the time in Egypt was ticked off at this king and he said “Okay, no more papyri for you!  Well, when you’ve got 200 volumes of things, you know you’re producing a lot of work. No problem! That’s where vellum started to be officially used.

They took the skins of animals and that’s where it came to be officially used as an official use. There’s all these little neat things, how we got paper and vellum developing from these places. Our first coins, gold and silver coins, were minted at Sardis. There’s a whole I mean all of our, what we use today, has some roots somewhere in that part of the world. So it’s pretty fascinating, and I’m not done. I don’t want to bore you with history, but when you dive in you see these are pretty cool things because we still use money I think today I think, the last time we checked, we still use money, and paper.

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