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God’s knowledge by Pastor Melissa Scott

Now I’ve put verse 9 in the Greek on the board and we’re going to go and do some very simple grammar. Very simple, this is one of these times where I’m not going to get into a whole bunch of different tenses and moods and things like that. The simpler I make this today the more I hope it’ll be indelible in your mind. “Oida,” this is Jesus speaking, He says I know, I know “oida sou ten thlipsin,” I know your tribulation. Work, when it says “I know your work,” that’s in your King James; it’s not in the original and best manuscripts. If you want to adjust your Bible you’re not doing any harm. It is the King James translation you’re using. These are from the best manuscripts that I’ve taken, the best sources available to us. “Odia,” Jesus speaking ‘I know,’ and I want to stop right there.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that this word for ‘I know,’ Jesus speaking, it’s, it is so amazing. Now you’re going to think I’m a little bit wacky. But this is why I love grammar. Who could get excited about grammar, only me. All right. Now, I didn’t say grandma; I said grammar, okay.

This word ‘I know’ is in the perfect tense. It’s a verb and it’s in the perfect tense and why it is so amazing. Well I have a little cute catch phrase. God’s knowledge of us is perfect. Well that’s wonderful because it’s true, but let me give you another example. When Jesus was on the Cross and He said “It is finished,” tektelistai, ‘it is finished’ in the Greek, that tense was perfect. It means the act of what He did was perfect in conjugation, in tense, but the act itself, the act stopped but the reaction of the act continues forward. So what was finished on the Cross keeps going in our lives. You don’t have to keep crucifying Christ afresh every day, He did it once, but the effects of it carry forward. Do you understand what I’m saying when I say ‘perfect?’ Okay, perfect, wonderful. See?

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