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Ten days of tribulation by Pastor Melissa Scott

This is how, when I said Alexander the Great on his conquest to conquer the world his idea of one nation under Alexander translates right down to Hitler’s time. Wipe out what we don’t want.  Keep what we want. One nation under him. We live under the shadow of horrific things that happened in the past. That’s why you shouldn’t forget and anybody who denies any of those things just as denying this, these people came forward and they so persecuted the people in that first church, they couldn’t make a living.

They were destitute. He says don’t worry about it. You’re maybe destitute but you’re rich. What does the text say? It says “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer.” I have to get back to this I have no choice. This verb here is an action, verb paschein. Difference between this “tribulation you’ll have with you always.” This suffering, you can overcome it. Suffering is something you may have suffered in the past or yet to come but this deal that’s going to be part of your trip. He says “I know,” the text reads “What you will suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, you’ll be tested and have tribulation ten days.”

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that now many people want to take this tribulation ten days and say you’ve got the ten successive waves of persecution in history you’ve got, and I’ve got them listed here; I’m going to read them off: Nero, Domitian, Trajan, Marcus Aurelius, Severus, Maximinus, Valerian, Aurelian and Declension, Diacletian. But the reason why I don’t put my stamp on that is it’s problematic. If there are ten successive waves of persecution in the church of Smyrna, which starts at the close of the apostolic age, the persecution of Nero started before this time. I’d much rather say and interpret the passage this way. Ten successive, ten days of tribulation or ten days that it says ten, remember we covered the numbers.

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