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The Reformers by Pastor Melissa Scott

Now picture this Jezebel draped in purple with her gold chains and all her pomp and circumstance coming to lead the people into false worship. This is history. This is not opinion. This is history. Now indulge me. I need to say Dr. Scott started something. God bless his soul because he had the courage to do what nobody else wanted to. I recognize something. If I don’t keep talking about church history and if I don’t keep teaching about the Bible right out of the Bible, church history will disappear and become a thing of the past because no one wants to deal with what happened back there. ‘How does it relate to me?’ You know what this world, this church world right now needs?

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that it needs another reformation. It needs to be put back to where Jesus is the focus! Not the seed that you sow. Not how much money you’re going to get. Not how blessed you’re going to be. Jesus Christ rose He’s coming back again. If the church could reform itself we could really win the victory. (Applause.)

I know there’s a couple other voices out there. But I bet you I’m one of the few who’s going to force you.’ Some of you have already been taught church history. Don’t engage in ignorance. It’s like I heard somebody say the holocaust never happened. What are you blind? Go to Germany and look at the remnants of what’s left. Don’t tell me apartheid didn’t happen. Don’t tell me AIDS is not happening. Don’t tell me this vile history; it’s like the dirty secret, if they can keep the door shut long enough maybe it will be forgotten and no one will tell the story. That’s – thank God for the Reformers. Thank God for those that took a stand. But I brought this book, Great Leaders of the Christian Church. The time period we’re looking at; I don’t like putting definitive time. Think about somewhere the late five hundreds into all the way possibly the one thousands, eleven hundreds; I don’t want to put a cap on it because that restrains us from looking at the whole picture at a distance. Let me look into a camera. Let me look right there.

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