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Christ talking to the church by Pastor Melissa Scott

“I will give you” – Jesus – “nations” – the gentiles – “as your inheritance. You will shepherd them with a rod of iron as a pot or vessel ceramic of a potter, you will shatter them.” Okay. Why the mention of ceramics? We’re nothing more that crocks of clay ourselves so the analogy is just perfect. Just a bunch of crocks of clay we are. What happens in the New Testament? Now remember this is pre-Christ.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that this is Christ talking to the church. He says “And I will give to him” – see it’s changed a little bit. Remember? “I will give to you” – “I will give to him” – autou exousian: authority – epi ton ethnon: over the nations so “I will to you – Jesus – nations, gentiles as your inheritance.” Here “I will give to him” – different person – “authority over the ethnos, the nations, the people. He – he – will shepherd them.” What does it say here? “You will shepherd them.” “He will shepherd them.” And what happens? “With a rod of iron” – and there’s a little, subtle change right here. And the exact pretty much thing here “pot or vessel of ceramic of a potter of clay you will shatter” – he will shatter them. Psalm 2.

Let me be silly. Psalm 2 is the Father talking to the Son. “I will give you, Son, I will give you the gentiles, the nations as your inheritance you, Son, you will shepherd them and with a rod of iron you will like the one being Potter” like Jeremiah 18, the right to reject and throw the pottery out the window, the ones that were non-responsive on the wheel. Yes, the pottery and the whole potter’s field deal. Yes, He’s got the whole field. But in the context of this “the one being Potter has the right to throw out the window and to shatter into pieces that which wouldn’t respond to the Master’s hands on it.” He says “Son, You will shatter them.”

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