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Through the book of Revelation by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that we have so butchered and so destroyed what Christ came to do. This teaching we’ve been looking at through the book of Revelation. Why it’s important to me. No. It’s not just some exciting book. I love the Bible. But it shoves in my face how easily we can loose sight. What happened to that broken bread? What happened to the act of remembrance? What happened that the people can no long touch and take the cup. It’s a joyous occasion. It’s so joyful. I’m remembering what He did for me. You’re remembering what He did for you. Well if I did nothing else I could convey to people the need not just for – and listen closely.

Just because my sins are forgiven – God has forgiven me – but if I don’t receive that imputation from Him because I myself am the blockade for receiving it because I keep putting up new stuff and throwing more stuff back at Him. Do you think Heaven is populated with half-finished people? It’s not the way it works. We can’t be perfect here. We’re a work in progress. And that act when we say my sins are forgiven. He did it. We’re not only talking about forgiveness of sins. We’re talking about the whole picture. A work has begun. So each time you keep throwing back up that stuff basically you’re saying ‘I know You died on the cross Jesus, but.’

Now I had somebody ask me how can I stand so strong? How can my faith be so strong in the midst of all the things that I see, that I’m exposed to, that people do to me, the things, the very malicious things that people do to me? Do you know how hard it is? I had a long discussion with somebody. Do you know hard it is?

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