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God’s Book by Pastor Melissa Scott

Now did you come to Church to hear about this? Absolutely. Because the biggest problem that I can see is people are using principles: ‘get rich quick in the name of Jesus Christ.’ Well I’m going to say something that’s going to shock the regular people here. It’s going to probably shock a lot of people. There are more things in the Bible although, God does not want us to be poor, but there are more things in the Bible that say give what you have. Jesus said more times “give what you have” than “I the Lord sayeth to you Suzy and Brother so-and-so you will be millionaires in my name because you’ve called a blessing down from Heaven.”

I can’t take it anymore. It’s time for a straight stick to be laid down beside all the crooked sticks out there. That if we’re going to talk about money let’s talk about it from God’s Book and understand what He wants. And He doesn’t want us to come up with some numerical figure based on a Psalm. “This month we’re going to have you give $63.17 because Psalm so-and-so says that this ought to be thus-and-so.”

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that this is a serious subject. It’s serious because anytime you have something good the devil comes in, plants the seed and corrupts it so badly even that, the seed, you hear everybody saying this. “Plant your seed, sow your seed.” There’s a paradox there and the paradox is it’s true. It’s like giving a child love. If you love the child and you raise the child in a Godly home and teach the child the things of God in your home, that is seed being planted that hopefully will continue and will blossom in the child. But it doesn’t always mean, you can be the best mother and father, plant the seed and the child turns out to be a rebel.

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