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The book of Galatian by Pastor Melissa Scott

“Can I remind you again,” that’s the flavor of what’s going on. And I’ll just say this in passing. This little particle gar is very debated. The best manuscripts actually have de. For you who are not grammarians, you’ll say, “Who cares. Just give me the translation.” For you grammarians it matters because this gar, which is “for”, would lean heavily towards something that is an explanation hinged on an argument like, “now I’m going to make my case, therefore….” But P46 of the Chester Beatty Papyri, which is the second/ third century manuscripts we have, plates that we have, actually uses this word de, which would be more towards “but.” And being human “to you,” so “I make known to you,” “I’m having to make…, let me remind you guys, wake up,” is what Paul is saying when he says, “brothers”. 

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that on this handout, there are two or three other ones. I listed just a few where he references, but you can see almost in every chapter, he’s got a reference to “brethren,” which is why I said to you, you can’t read this letter without seeing some of those little subtle words. In fact in that opening, I think it’s 1:2, when he says, “And all the brethren which are with me,” that little word “with” – he doesn’t say, “and all the brethren that are against me and all the brethren that have abandoned me” – “all the brethren that are with me.” He includes them all. Alright. Here we go.

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