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An apostle of Christ Jesus by Pastor Melissa Scott

Now, this manuscript will help us. This page here is a Chester Beattie papyri. We have some other papyri on display downstairs. If you can see that, the very top of the letter says pro, and there’s Ephesians; there’s the title. Now if you look at these little lines above, that’s called nomina sacra. What looks like X P Y and I H Y, that’s what it looks like with the letters on top. They call that nomina sacra, where when they scribe, in order to condense “Christ Jesus,” they had these little codes: X P, depending if it was Kuriou Iesou Christou, or whatever the order was, they would put these nomina sacra codes. In your King James, and it seems like a hairsplitting thing, but to start off on the right foot, it says, “an apostle of Jesus Christ.” The original text, our best original manuscripts that we have, which date back far before the King James, let us know Paul is saying, “an apostle of Christ Jesus.”

Now to some, this may seem like I’m splitting hairs, but if I’m going to go do something, I look at everything. I’m going to look at all, everything that’s in the text and how it’s put out, and there are little nuances, little subtle things that we need to look at. When Paul says, “I’m an apostle,” he’s saying, “I’m a sent one on the authority of Christ. I’m not an apostle sent and chosen of men; I am an apostle of Christ.” And the difference between “Jesus Christ” and “Christ Jesus,” while Jesus walked the three plus years of His earthly ministry, Saul of Tarsus never encountered Jesus Christ.

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