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Type of the sacrifices in the Old Testament by Pastor Melissa Scott

Now, I’m not saying once saved always saved, lest anybody says, “Are you telling me that you believe that you can never become disconnected once you believe?” The Bible’s clear about what happens. Once you believe, if you turn your back on God, you can get disconnected from God. But the principle and the concept of these three words tells you if you are doing something at the market, the activity of market, being taken out of the market. Now this word here suggests if I were that person at the market who was bought out of the world, I wore a yoke. I wore chains and fetters. I was a prisoner of the world. This apolutrosin, “out from or away,” I’ve been released, I’ve been freed, the chains have come off, the fetters have come off.

If you follow the logic of those three words, it leads you to this word, which is not the value of the money; it’s the act of being freed. And I’m free; this action only comes because of this: “through his blood.” It wasn’t enough for Jesus to die. If it was just a question of dying and death, you look at the Old Testament. It will give you the pattern or the type of the sacrifices in the Old Testament where they would bring an animal. And even before the priest could perform the duties, he had to undergo the cleansing. And it was necessary for blood to be shed.

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