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God’s promises by Pastor Melissa Scott

Some have grown up in the church and they had a “promise box” in every room of their house; they would reach in and grab a promise out of the box, and that was their promise for the day. Others, like myself, only came to know God’s promises after a time of hearing and studying; it took some time for them to really sink in. We’re strange creatures: we can have God’s promises laid out for us, and we know that the Bible says “all the promises in him are yea, and in him amen,” but we reach for God’s promises like a thief grabbing for a morsel of bread somewhere and running off with it. Who said you have to claim promises like that? Who said that you can’t go and say all the promises are mine; every promise in this book is mine. It’s as much mine as it is yours or any person who is faithing. We are not to treat His riches as if we’re only entitled to a little. Now when I speak of His riches, I’m talking about His heavenly riches that He bestows on us through His Spirit. It is not a mere handout. I’m going to prove to you that Paul understood this, and I believe I’m beginning to understand. Paul is praying for something for these saints, and I hope you will share these things with me.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that Paul prays again in the third chapter, beginning at the fourteenth verse. This prayer in the Ephesian letter is like Mount Everest. You could pass by many times but unless you stop and really look at this whole laid out plan that he is speaking to the believers, you will probably not see the grandeur of it; it is very grand.

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