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Reading from A History of Christian Thought

Pastor Melissa Scott reads from A History of Christian Thought, by Justo L. Gonzales.

It is a great book for someone who is just going to get an introductory lesson, who just wants to get not too overwhelmed. It’s three volumes. And let me tell you what he was up against, Augustine. I want to read this to show you sometimes we can have an erroneous idea. Somehow Augustine is painted as some demon. No. He did a lot of good, if you understand what he was counterbalancing.

“That Adam was created mortal.” This by the way, because somebody will take me out of context, this is not my opinion. I’m reading from a book. “That Adam was created mortal, for he would have died no matter whether he had sinned or not.” That’s number one.

“That Adam’s sin injured only him and not all of humankind,” number two.

“That the law as well as the Gospels leads to the kingdom.” I swallow deeply every time I read this because, as I’m reading this and some of you are so well taught, you know this is a fallacy. But there are people out there that live in this realm “the law will save you” that “we’re not in Adam.”

“That there were some before the time of Christ who lived without sin. That recently born infants are in the same state as was Adam before his fall. That the whole of humankind does not die in the death or fall of Adam, nor does it resurrect in the Resurrection of Christ. That if we will, we can live without sin. That unbaptized infants attain unto life eternal. “That rich who are baptized will have no merit, nor will they inherit the kingdom of God if they do not renounce their possessions.”

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