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Justification by Pastor Melissa Scott

Now I am somewhat reluctant to do this because I have so much respect for the Giants Of The Faith and God help me to convey this. I am not saying this by disrespect. If we’re all looking in the one place and this eye is fixed on Jesus, that’s our mark, then we can step to the side and this is where doctrinal issues take over and contention can come in.

So I have a commentary on Ephesians, which I want to read to you to make a point. And I say I preface all this by saying with all due respect, this is where we differ.

I’m just going to read you a small portion of this.  It is James Boice from his commentary on Ephesians. We always give credit here to the people we quote. “Since the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century, those who follow in the steps of Martin Luther have been strong to assert that justification is by grace, through faith and not by human works. But does this mean that works no longer have any place in Christianity?”

Luther’s doctrine actually led to bad conduct?

Now, I’m going to pause here. Thank God for Dr. Scott laying out in the most simplistic way, explaining words that otherwise probably have left these seminarians and students of the Bible scratching their head for years to come had he not unfolded certain words like “justification.” We need to be careful when people talk about justification. It becomes some, like rocket science. But justification in its simplest definition: He puts on the spectacles of Christ and He looks at me as though I’m just like His Son. Just like Him. Justification. In its simplest meaning. So we have to be careful when we read these things.

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