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God Sends Wagons by Pastor Melissa Scott

Jacob had lost his son Joseph.

And when Jacob’s sons came home after being in Egypt where Joseph ruled, there is a little passage in Genesis where Jacob says that he just didn’t really believe that Joseph was alive until “he saw the wagons.” The wagons that had been sent by Joseph from Egypt convinced him. A very great preacher once preached a sermon on that verse, in which he thanked God for the little wagons God sends along to let us know He is alive. Not balls of fire and mighty wind and the kinds of things that we normally relate to spirituality, just wagons: but the wagons let him know the Son was on the throne. Somebody had to be there to send those wagons.

God is doing things here, and unlike the nine men Jesus healed who did not come back to thank Him, one came back to recognize His power. I can put that into a broader analogy than just healing. I hope as you watch God do things, you are not unaware He is steering and sorting and shaking and separating and putting together that which He needs to do for what He intends to do. The little things are sometimes unnoticed by Christians. There are people who have their ego and their feelings and their history and their identity with traditions and everything else so clouded around their head they cannot see God when He is working. Focus in on the message and you will see God’s hand.

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