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Are you doing God’s Work for Him? by Pastor Melissa Scott

In Acts 13:2, speaking of the New Testament church: “As they ministered to the Lord….” Do you see it? “As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for….” What? “The work whereunto I have called them.”

God is not going to forget His work. What we have forgotten is that He is the Lord of the harvest. I’ve looked at this generation. I’ve heard some say, “Why do we not have miracles like we hear about in our first generation?” Though I think there are many miracles being done, I sometimes wonder if my generation has gotten past the outer court. We start out doing the job for God.

I did a study of the ministry as an assignment for a major denomination. We found out that very few nervous breakdowns in the ministry occur in the first generation of revival, because those men come to God in their inadequacy and their inadequacy drives them to God to drink at the Fount and then they go out to minister. The second generation gets caught up in the work. They swallow the dust and from sun up to sundown they do the work of the Lord and they never get into this place where their strength is renewed.

Start in the inner court, and then the Lord of the harvest will send you forth to do His work.

For a week I’ve said to myself as I prayed, “God, bring this church to a new place of ministry to Thee.”

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