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Brought to the Jordan? by Pastor Melissa Scott

Now, have you ever felt at moments of truth in your spiritual journey that, if you would really hunger and thirst and seek, there is a place in God you could get to? The thought comes to you in a moment of truth in a service somewhere, or when you face a crisis and you are aware of your lack. Well, will you be a realist in God and understand that when you start to act on that dedication, God is going to test you? He is not going to jump off of His throne and clap His hands and turn handsprings because some rare person down here finally got hungry. Expect God to test you. I said I was preaching to the uncommon man, but that is a message to a church, as well as to an individual.

When we seek Him with all of our heart, we will find Him. Just because the first day after we have made our dedication it becomes difficult and God tests it, we won’t give up. And because it separates us from the crowd, we won’t give up. I can tell you something, eventually, if you want God’s best, it is going to lead you finally to a place where just the two of you settle something: where you and God, and you and God alone, settle it. So much of Christianity is dependent upon what the rest of the sons of the prophets do. But if you are really seeking God’s best, eventually it’s going to bring you to a point where you and God work it out; and that point is going to bring you to a Jordan River.

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