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Her Faith Made Her Whole by Pastor Melissa Scott

Now let us consider the woman with the issue of blood; that little lady, seemingly insignificant. As the Pastor, I sometimes wonder about those hidden saints, beaten down with a sense of insignificance and unworthiness. Put yourself inside the discouraged and intimidated heart of that woman in this familiar story.

Nobody there would give her the time of day, as she was pushing through the jostling crowd. Insignificant and unimportant in her own eyes, yet she was possessed with the determination to do one thing: touch Him. If she could just press through the crowd and touch Him…and she made it!

Read all the Gospel records, and stay inside her heart and mind, and walk with that woman. Jesus cries out, “Who touched me?” Now she’s made it to Him, and she’s touched Him. Apparently, it is not all over yet; now comes fear. Some of us who stand up in front of people and deal with people a lot don’t know that intimidation that drives and grips so many lives; the fear of pushing to the front. This little lady must have panicked. She had touched Him and now, being noticed, she must have been scared to death. “Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good courage.” May I use Exodus again and turn it around? “Don’t you be even a little bit scared. Hang in there, daughter. Don’t you let fear now be mixed with your determination.” You have reached Him. “Don’t be even a little bit scared because it is your faith, which pushed through the crowd to Me, that has made you whole.”

I believe there are those who have pushed through. Sometimes in desperation I will almost stand up like Jehoshaphat, the Old Testament saint, and remind God of some things. I scare myself sometimes because I know that God doesn’t need to be reminded of His Word. As John Wright Follette has said, you don’t shake God’s promises at God like a stick you hold over Him. He wants to do what He says. But on ccasions, in desperation, I have literally assailed the walls of Heaven to get God’s attention as I have hung promises up in front of Him.

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