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With The Heart Man Believeth by Pastor Melissa Scott

If, in desperation, you press through the crowd, knowing in some moment of truth that if you could just touch Him…. There is no mystique in that. You touch Him now with your word: With the heart man believeth; with the mouth confession is made. (Romans 10:10) In a moment of truth, you have claimed a promise, pressed through and touched God. Then the devil comes along, and you get scared. God is not the author of fear, so it has to come from somewhere else. Listen to Jesus today: “Be of good courage.” It is that pressing, tenacious, determined faith to touch Him that got it for you, so hang on to it.

Now turn to the Gospel story about the storm. Again, go with those disciples to the circumstance: they were in God’s will. “Jesus constrained his disciples to get into a ship, and to go before him unto the other side.” How can you have it any straighter than that? Now the message is to those saints in the will of God; you haven’t done anything except do what the Master told you to do. And all the winds of contrariness have blown in on you and the waves are overpowering you. It is so dark you cannot see and you have so lost your sense of balance that when the Lord Himself appears, you can’t even see straight enough to see Him: you think He is a ghost. Have any of you ever been in a storm to where you even begin to doubt your own revelations of God and your own ability to even see Him and your own understanding of Him?

I sure have.

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