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Four Things from David and Mephibosheth by Pastor Melissa Scott

There are four things I want to talk about in this story: I want to
talk about the picture of God portrayed by David the king. I want to talk
about the nature of Mephibosheth and what he portrays about the sinner.
I want to talk about salvation and what is pictured here. Then I want to
talk about the response of Mephibosheth to what the king has done. And
I hope you will understand God and your salvation a little better.
David sent for and fetched Mephibosheth. David asked the
question, “Where is he?” Mephibosheth is the type of the sinner. God
really wrote a drama in detail here, but notice that the action and the
initiative started with David, the type of God. In theology we call this
“prevenient grace.” It means that the initiative in salvation always
starts with God.

You cannot just make up your mind sometime that you
are going to come to God. It is Jesus who said in John 6:44, “No man
can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him.” It is
never an accident when God lays a claim on a life. It is never an
accident when you encounter that pulling, that claiming, or that
grabbing, whatever its intensity.

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