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The Third Ingredient by Pastor Melissa Scott

What is the third ingredient?

Ministry to the Lord is hidden.
Hear me closely. In this outer court where I minister to human need, I
am seen. There’s a guard at the gate, another guard over there, and the
line of believers. Everybody sees me perform out here. They see me get
the job done. Ministry to the Lord is hidden. Nobody sees what you do
in there. And that, by the way, if I can parenthetically put it in, might be
why the God who knows the heart puts priority here. Only a people with
the faith who truly believe that the invisible God is with us will go into
the inner court. You can get lost in the activity of working for the Lord,
but you have to really believe He is alive to do what one old saint did,
which is to just sit down, put a chair in front of him, believe God was
right there and talk to Him. This is hidden; nobody sees you do this.
God help us in our Puritan dominated work theology of the Kingdom if
somebody thinks I’m not working for God; if you are hidden away
ministering to Him you are viewed as a failure.

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