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The Table of Shewbread by Pastor Melissa Scott

That table of shewbread is a type of giving to God out of that which He has blessed us with. He doesn’t need it.

He gave it to us in the first place, but He delights in it, and it must be given with frankincense, typifying joy. For some people, it almost tears the pockets out of their pants to drop a dollar in the offering. The New Testament says, “God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9:7)

The Greek, literally, is “God loveth an hilarious giver.” When we give to God, we are to give with joy: it must be given with frankincense. Now some people would make
this journey and bypass that table, but in God’s road map of moving on to
perfection in Him there is not just the altar of grace and the laver of cleansing and the candlestick; there is also the table of shewbread. They are all there and they are all part of the journey. It is all going on.

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