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Has Anybody Ever Let You Down? by Pastor Melissa Scott

Being like Jesus involves this, too: do you ever get
disappointed in anybody? Has anybody ever let you down and
it affected you? I wonder today how much of God’s work would
cease if we removed human reaction to it. How much singing
would go on if we didn’t have the crutch of human appreciation?
I get disappointed in people. I used to work in Sunday school
with teachers; and I would think finally I had brought a
staff of workers to a point that they understood the wondrous
privilege of being co-creator with God of His nature in man. 

Then, like that! They would let me down on a crucial day.
I have worked with associates and with helpers; I have relied
on friends; I have had those closest to me undercut my hopes
and desires. I am sure I have done it to others, too.

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